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From the guy who has never done anything in reference to the previous post. ALL good leaders have been in the trenches. Dont worry "Mary", you can hide behind me if it gets scary for you

Typical low education FDLE forum troll. I have a full and diverse state and local LE career thanks, and have done many things, including being a Special Agent at FDLE. The trouble with law enforcement types that never do anything else is that you think no one can run an agency without "coming up through the ranks". While there is merit to some of that experience, LEADERSHIP and solid organizational management skills are domain agnostic. In addition, FDLE, like it or not, is a political entity, requiring political savvy to maintain good standing with the funding source, the Florida Legislature. Quite frankly the "law enforcement" part of it is the least difficult. Not rocket science as evidenced by some who have worn a badge. Let me know if you need help with any of the big words.