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    OMG ! There's strings on my TURKEY

    Today, 4:00 at the Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Sheriff Amazing is giving one last speech to his payrolled pastors and their flock. The public and media are welcome.

    Maybe today he'll claim that he is in fact, MLK and has been reincarnated. Not sure if they will believe it. MLK did not seem to have a persecution complex, nor did he compare himself to jungle animals wading through dark waters in hard times while eating candy and nuts. No doubt the women in the congregation will be passing around Tony's pic discussing if he's hot.

    R. Osgood, school board member, and right hand woman to Runcie is the big wheel at Mt. Olive.

    They do have a hell of a good choir; gotta give them that.

    Bring a fan in case Lisa has distributed all of them.

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    Cool Dear Cartoonist:

    Dear Cartoonist:

    If you do not have Sheriff Israel's "Sermon on the Mount" Olive Baptist Church - chock-full of all his words of wisdom and Praise be to God, well, we will ALL be very, VERY disappointed!

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