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    What does Assistant Chief Dennis Jackson and Former Chief John Timoney have in common

    Assistant Chief Dennis Jackson bought a stolen Lexus (when he was an officer or Sgt.)
    and Chief John Timoney accepted a free Lexus (unlawful compensation) from Kendall Toyota despite receiving an $800.00 dollar a month vehicle allowance. To top it off Timoney (no longer with us) claimed he was leasing it - however there were no leasing documents - so he ended up buying it. (which is the same as a burglar taking your TV and getting caught but then purchasing it from you!

    Lets call this duo the Lexus Brothers or perhaps Brothers of Lexus -

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    New MCPBA tactics. DJ won’t join your attacks so attack. We see your letter writing campaign. Don’t worry, throwing those boulders inside the glass house.

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