We recently added Star and Shield Insurance Exchange as an advertiser for LEOAFFAIRS.COM. What's different about Star & Shield you may ask?

They cater their services to law enforcement. In fact, Star & Shield is open to all active, retired and volunteer members of the Law Enforcement, Corrections, Fire-Rescue, EMT and Paramedic communities, as well as their children and spouses (currently available in Florida only). This includes: local, state, and federal agencies and direct support organizations. Members have also saved an average of $600 annually on auto insurance.

Star & Shield Insurance Exchange is structured as a "reciprocal," which means a company that is owned collectively by all of its members, who are policyholders. It works like a traditional insurance company, except that the policyholders benefit from surplus instead of stockholders. As surplus builds, the gain can be reflected in the form of competitive rates, enhanced coverage or even dividends. Surplus belongs to the membership because members own the company.

Auto Insurance:
* Automatic extended liability coverage for authorized personal use of government issued vehicles
* Multiple policy discounts
* Accident forgiveness
* Re-evaluation every 12 months to determine if you qualify for lower rates
* Fast, convenient claims service
* Flexible premium payment – including payroll deduction (where available)

Home Owners Insurance:
* $2,000 firearms coverage built-in, with up to $30,000 of additional coverage available
* $2,500 to cover business personal property, including vests, helmets and other protective gear on premises
* Fast, convenient claims service

Plus, options such as:

* Up to $50,000 in animal liability – including saddle animals coverage – with discounts for all certified K9 and search & rescue dogs
* Up to $25,000 of identity theft coverage
* For rural properties, up to $300,000 to cover incidental farm liability
* For business use of your home, up to $300,000 for incidental occupancy liability
* For screened enclosures, up to $50,000