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    Wasnt the quote ALL. COMPLAINTS WILL BE INVESTIGATED FULLY? How would you know its bogas if you dont investigate? Face it more than one Courtesy being handed out here.
    You took the time to respond to this but you never answered the questions from this and other threads

    1) Do you still contend that Ms Roe was never identified?

    2) Why have you never mentioned her by name?

    3) Why do you believe Spencer should have been investigated by Bob Johnson?

    4) Did you file a formal complaint with SRSO?

    5) Did you go to the SAO?

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    I'm still puzzled: Where is the evidence of a coverup, and so-called professional courtesy?

    The woman was A) Found at Fault B) Charged with Violating Jones' right of way C) Her insurance repaired or replaced his truck and D) He's suing her.

    Spencer, whom I'm not a fan of, didn't perform any acts of misconduct. He showed to assist an acquaintance from out of town due to her having field trial dogs. There was no evidence that he interfered with MPD. Had there been a coverup she would have never been charged to begin with.

    MPD is not required to make officers issue a citation for an infraction that results in a traffic crash, but they issued a citation to the driver of the other vehicle for violation of FSS 316.125(2), Violation of Right of Way. Ms Roe subsequently paid the traffic citation and did not contest it. The citation was issued the day after the traffic crash.

    So, what is the problem here?

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