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    the day you lose your pension and benefits

    The day the majority of the community lose confidence in us is the day you lose your pension and some of your benefits.

    Like it or not. Whether it's fair or not. Electing Destephan sends a message we approve and condone his conduct.

    Electing him sez he speaks for us. He represents us. He is us.

    Maybe he should have stepped down for our benefit. Does he beleive he is so special, brilliant irreplaceable that the benefits he alone brings to the union outweighs the liability he brings to all of us.

    Maybe it's not fair. Sure he is innocent until proven guilty. Well really he is innocent until the City can prove by the greater weight of the evidence 50% + 1% that he said what he said and he meant what the tape suggests he meant. Remember this is not a criminal case it's work place discipline.

    Maybe whoever released the tape didn't want to put the tape out there and cause him this much trouble maybe maybe maybe.

    Bottom line a fair amount of the African American community think we are racist. They blame us for the violence in their communities despite the fact you are more likely to win the lotto than to get a witness to cooperate in Model City.

    i don't know Reyes from a can of paint but I saw what I saw and so did our community.

    In more than a few places around the Country pensions and benefits look nothing like what we have in Florida.

    Until you vest you don't have a guaranteed pension or any other retirment benefits. Most of you young cats have no idea how important financial security is. You will get older. You will die someday. You will probably get sick and have an operation or two.


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    Amen brother!

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    Bravo Lugo. Then vote for the other idiot for Vice. I voted for Lugo and didn’t for vice. Matt was terrible in offduty and an AH.

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