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    Useful Tips for Snaptube video downloader for Android devices

    SnapTube is a powerful application allowing users to download videos and audios from YouTube and many other networking sites. There are some tips for using it. Let’s check them out!

    App Description

    Snaptube download for android is a tool for downloading videos and music on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Vine. With Snaptube, you can quickly search for the video or music sources you want to watch, and add sources to download via this app.

    The download process is designed to be short and convenient. In this process, you only needs to click the search box, enter the download URL, browse the video, determine the download target to get the videos to their devices.

    The function of browsing videos is to help users preview videos before downloading; in particular, you can confirm whether it is a video you want to download. In addition, it supports converting videos to music formats.

    Instruction & Tips

    The Duration Function

    This function is used to filter out the most needed audios or videos. However, the Duration function does not support the videos that last within 30 to 90 minutes. When you want to watch the 30-minute to 90-minute videos, they need to search again.

    Suggestion: With the Duration function, add the Long function, the duration is set in the 30 minutes to 60 minutes interval, and add the parentheses to the Medium.

    Play function: Listen to songs, watch videos, and access YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other networking sites. Snaptube apk download to your device and experience now!

    Offline play entry

    First, click on the “Music Icon” and “Download Icon” in the top navigation bar to enter the “My Files” page for playback.

    Then click on the “More” page to see “Music”, “Video”, “Downloads” and “Video sites", you can go to "My Files" section and select play.

    The download and music icons are located in the upper right corner of the top navigation bar, in line with user habits, emphasizing playing music and downloading videos

    Product design is very clear, with download and playback as the core. You should not change the bottom navigation bar.

    Information Architecture

    The video playback interface has a total of 7 white navigations, which are respectively identified by blue boxes.

    They have the following functions:

    Music symbol control: switch to the function of listening only to sound

    Interface size control: provide four switching methods -Original, Auto Fit, Fit to width, Fit to height

    Sound control: adjust the volume by sliding according to need

    Video switching control: play the next video, does not support automatic switching to the next video

    Play control: only click this white triangle control, you can pause, you can also adjust the viewing progress;

    Brightness control: according to the environment, use sliding to adjust the brightness

    Horizontal arrow control: click, return to the video playlist

    To summarize

    Hope these tips of using Snaptube above will be useful for you. Download the app now and enjoy how great it is. Wish you have good experiences! You can also Download apks at Top1apk to enjoy more apps and games!
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