If there was a police agency in Florida where corruption within the agency was not tolerated, the “Thin Blue Line” would not be about protecting dirty cops, and officers were under no pressure to meets quotas or “performance standards”, would that be the type of agency any of you would be interested in working for?

An agency where the Constitution was always respected and followed, and you were never pressured to ignore someone’s rights? Where you would be encouraged to politely let people know when they have a light out instead of writing a ticket and all tickets were discouraged over issuing polite warnings? Where arrests were made only with an actual real crime with a victim and marijuana laws were not being actively enforced. Where preservation of life took precedent over shoot if there is any chance at aggression from a suspect. A place where the people in your community actually liked you and didn’t despise you?

There would be a down side too. You would be expected to act professionally and not retaliate if being disrespected. All officers would wear body cameras and complaints against officers would be taken seriously with a goal of having the most professional, honest and honorable agency in the state. Would any of you care to work in an agency like this?