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    Locked and Deleted Threads

    Myself and Mod 673 have been going back into the more recent threads: Steroids, Randy Jones related and HR have been deleted or edited them due to TOU violations. Most had sexual, defamatory and libelous comments from posters, and those posts are gross violations of TOU. A few were threads went back and forth stating the same thing by "Jones" or people pretending to be Jones. Be that as it may, some were locked, some are heavily edited and some are deleted.

    Off Topic posts, posts of Unsubstantiated Accusations, or anything that could be part of an active investigation will likely be locked or deleted. Even if someone assumes something happened, and it is not substantiated, it may get punted as well. Calling out members of this or other agencies, or former members of the same by name, coupled with libelous words may result in being banned from this website.

    If the TOU violations continue, I will submit those posts to Mod 1 for further disposition, which may result in the posters being banned.

    I encourage this site to be used for more constructive use other than to spread gossip, false rumors or to present your traffic crash case. This forum is not the appropriate venue. Otherwise, I implore you to utlize this site.


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