I've tried to ask this question on a general site like officer.com but they are taking forever to approve me. I really only have one question: under what circumstances do you leave a call? I'm asking because I've been trapped inside a professional trafficking group for decades (as their victim not an employee). My handlers showed up one day in 2012 to "have a word" with me and I called 911. I didn't think I could describe that aspect of things without sounding crazy, so I said I was being robbed.

Terrell police showed up, saw me standing outside, saw my handlers direct me back into the house. They flashed government ID to the police and had some 15 minute conversation with them, after which the police left and after which the handlers proceeded to sodomize and electrocute me for 2 days straight. To say I'm angry is an understatement.

So, were the officers who showed up just buying the story or were they corrupt? If I subpeonaed the police report (if they even filed one) and records of 911 calls, would they even be on record? What is it that these people are saying to officers to allowed them to get by with this crap?