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I’m a tax payer No more bella bike on City time.
Look, you wanna get paid off duty, you should also volunteer off duty. Bottom line. This is BS on the taxpayer dime. Enough already. You get a paid car/gas, attractive salaries, training, perks out the ying yang. If your conscience bothers you, then you know it isn't right.

No doubt about it, it is nice to have a police presence at community events, but come for an hour to meet and greet, don't expect ex'whor'banant freebies. That is crossing the line.

Next Chance: Miami Cancer Institute is planning the 18th Annual Day of Caring for Breast Cancer Awareness 5/4/2019
They are would absolutely love to have a female police officer in or out of uniform come and speak--- call Lillian 305-310-8653 or email dayofcaringsfl@gmail.com www.dayofcaringsfl.org

Important to balance the off duty