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    Thanks for the advice guys. Wife actually mentioned today that she wanted to relocate to the east coast. Might end up putting in apps for agencies over there and see where that goes.
    Getting out AND away is the best decision the key being AWAY. Good luck to you

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    So I've been working here on the road for a few years now (Won't get into how long, District, or Squad) but I've been on the road and have FTO experience. Honestly, I don't know how much longer I can work at this agency or even do this job anymore. I used to love going to work, but now I dread every second of it and just count down the minutes until I'm X7. This job isn't worth my life if my heart isn't in it, I know that. Biggest thing at this point is finances. I have a family so can't exactly up and quit without something else. What have other people gone to after leaving law enforcement? My degree is in criminal justice, so that is no help. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also I've never been interested in going into CID so trying that out is out of the question.

    And just FYI. even though I feel like this I still go to work giving it my 100% so I don't screw over the other guys working the road. I've still got everyone's back out there.

    I was with this agency a long time. Every single deputy that I knew who left or was forced to leave has went on to become successful in their next line of work. The skills acquired on this job make you an asset to any company. Seriously, after all the garbage you've been forced to tolerate, what could you not do? Consider moving to a better agency (which is basically anywhere). If deputies were honest, most of the deputies of this county feel exactly the same was as you. Things are a mess here. No one wants to work here. People are leaving daily, and reporting back how they love their new agencies or jobs.

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