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Thread: Water Patrol

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    Water Patrol

    Has anyone heard we may be going back to the old water numbers?

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    Officially, no. However, I hear often, “people are not on the water as much as they used to be”, or “if we don’t start doing more water patrol, we’re gonna get the hour mandate back.” Priority patrol is intended to give us the opportunity to perform activity focused patrols—spending patrol time sensibly according to the needs of an area. However, water patrol mandate is a cancerous idea I don’t believe we’ll cease to hear about. Bottom line, it’s on the officer to manage his/her time according to priority patrol and the supervisor to ensure it. Is it being practiced effectively statewide? Who knows. At the end of the day, if someone with the power to make water patrol a mandate thinks it is a good idea, it’ll happen. I survived it for years and made my voice heard about how we’re screwing landowners and other stakeholders not connected to water patrol. I can do it again if need be.

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