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    Truth about Marjory Stoneman Douglas part 1

    The Truth About the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Shooting

    This letter will focus on the response by the Broward Sheriff Office within the critical time frame between 2:23 pm and 2:28 pm.
    The facts, as put out by the Sheriff’s Office CAD report, 911 tapes, and school surveillance videos, have been gathered here and presented in one comprehensive report. I will also cross reference the facts with the statements made by the officers who were present from their supplemental reports. This information is available at sun-sentinel.com and Detective Zach Scott timeline on You Tube.

    Data gathered from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Timeline of Events as presented by BSO:
    * This is not a complete list, I have singled out the key moments for review

    Suspect Cruz begins firing rifle
    Alert tone is sounded for Deputy Peterson; Parkland units begin to head to school
    Peterson initially advises that there may be firecrackers, but then says there may be shots fired in the 1200 building
    Dispatcher advises all units that there are possible shots fired at Stoneman Douglas Highschool; Deputy Kratz and Deputy Goolsby advise they are on the way
    Deputy Peterson is observed on camera at the south east corner of building 1200 and remains there for the duration of the incident
    Deputy Peterson mentions again that he is talking about the 1200 building off Holmberg Road. This is the second time Peterson gave the location of the shooting in progress.
    Peterson says, “We do not have a description yet, we just hear what appears to be shots fired” (This is the second time Peterson has declared shots fired)
    Cruz reaches the 3rd floor, exits stairwell (As seen on video surveillance provided by Detective Zach Scott)
    Cruz enters 3rd floor, begins firing shots. Victim is hit outside of room 1256
    Cruz then continues moving west, where he engaged more targets
    (As seen on video surveillance provided by Detective Zach Scott)
    While Cruz is actively engaging targets on the 3rd floor, Deputy Kratz advises he will be shutting down eastbound traffic on Holmberg Road at the divide between West Glades Middle School and Stoneman Douglas Highschool.
    Kratz makes the decision to continue directing traffic and NOT approach the 1200 building, even though Peterson has already advised twice that there have been shots fired, at the 1200 building which has been declared the location multiple times at this point.
    5 seconds after Deputy Kratz arrives on scene to direct traffic, Deputy Eason arrives on scene and decides to direct traffic on the west side of Holmberg Road.
    Dispatch confirms “10-4, west side of Holmberg”
    Rather than confront the shooter at the 1200 building, Kratz and Eason decide to stay on Holmberg Road and control traffic.
    *It is important to note that Deputy Eason WAS WEARING A BODY CAMERA during this time. However, this footage appears to not have been released.
    Deputy Perry, Detective Goolsby, and Sergeant Miller arrive on scene. Detective Goolsby stated in his report that he heard Peterson’s radio transmission of shots fired and responded from the district office and was at the school in less than a minute.
    Cruz has already gone through 1 magazine (As stated by Detective Zach Scott, who explains in the surveillance video “Cruz went through his 1st magazine and turns his back to the rest of the hallway to reload.”) Detective Scott also mentions that the students and faculty present in that hallway used this opportunity to try and escape out of the stairwell on the west end.
    *This moment, had responding deputies ENTERED the school, could have been the key opportunity to take down the shooter and save the remaining student’s lives*
    Deputy Kratz transmits that he hears shots fired by the football field.
    At this time, Cruz can be seen on video surveillance engaging the students who were trying to escape, as mentioned at 2:24:46.
    Rather than run towards the shots, Kratz hides behind his car.
    *This is the third time it has been transmitted over the radio that shots have been fired at the school*
    Peterson advises for the third time the location of the shooting is the 1200 building, and mentions “It is right off of Holmberg Road, by the senior lot”
    Even though it has been mentioned numerous times that shots were fired, Kratz transmits “Some students think it was firecrackers, but we are not sure, by the football fields”.
    *This is strange, as where he was positioned on Holmberg Road is right next to the football field, and he surely would have known if there was an active shooter shooting a rifle by the football field.
    If there WAS a shooter on the football field, he should have moved towards him to engage him and neutralize the threat.
    Also, in Kratz’ report, Kratz writes that he observes several students running west towards the football field (which is away from school).
    *To MOST people, especially police officers, this should make it clear which direction the threat is coming from.
    As seen in the surveillance video, Cruz stands over 2 injured students and fatally shoots them, and fatally shoots a student who was standing in front of room 1247. (Preventable deaths)
    Cruz continues engaging students
    By this point, 6 students have been murdered on the 3rd floor, while deputies continue securing the perimeter and directing traffic.
    Deputy Peterson communicates for the third time that shots were heard, and for the fourth time communicates that this is happening inside the 1200 building.
    A total of 6 Parkland Deputies are on scene right now (Peterson, Kratz, Eason, Goolsby, Perry, and Miller).
    NONE have attempted to enter the school or confront the shooter, who at this point has fired a minimum of 30 rounds or more.
    Cruz shoots the locked door of the unoccupied teachers lounge in order to enter, and then attempts to shoot out the windows on the WEST and SOUTH sides of the teachers’ lounge, successfully shattering the glass, but unsuccessfully targeting students who are outside the school at this point due to the fire alarm, as the rounds fragment and splinter immediately, as stated in the surveillance video by Zach Scott.
    Deputy Kratz, once again comes over the radio, to advise that there are more students running west toward the football field. (AWAY from the school)
    Deputy Peterson for the fourth time communicates that shots have been fired.
    *This is due to Cruz shooting out the teacher’s lounge windows on the 3rd floor.
    Despite this information, all the Deputies on the scene that did supplemental reports (Peterson, Kratz, Eason, Goolsby, Perry, and Miller), all state that they only heard 4-5 shots and did not know where they were coming from.
    **This is despite the fact that both the location in the 1200 building and the fact that shots have been fired were both communicated FOUR times at this point.
    Detective Goolsby transmits that there are definitely shots being fired, which is the FIFTH time shots fired has been stated.
    Multiple units begin simultaneously communicating that shots are fired, to the point it becomes inaudible.
    This is likely due to the fact that Cruz was shooting out the window, and it was clear to deputies on Holmberg Road where he was coming from.
    Despite this, the deputies on scene once again make the decision to NOT CONFRONT THE SHOOTER.
    At this time, Kratz continues rambling on about the football field over the radio, as stated in the transcript:
    (Kratz): “(inaudible),….right by the football field”
    Deputy Perry for the first time speaks over the radio and states “Holmberg is shut down, we’re by the 900 or 1300 building, we’ve got shots fired, I’m trying to get the fence opened”
    *This is the SIXTH time it has been mentioned that shots are fired.
    Cruz exits the 1200 building and walks WEST, walking past Kratz and Eason.
    Around the same time, Peterson says over the radio “Do not approach the 1200 building, stay 500 feet away”.
    This is of little consequence, as at this point Cruz has left the building.
    Kratz advises he has a victim with a gunshot wound to the right leg at the west end by the football field.
    (Kratz): “T2 I got a victim with gunshot to right leg, I got a gunshot to the right leg, show me the west end by the football field.”
    Detective Goolsby says “let’s get a command post set up on the south side of Sawgrass by Pine island. Goolsby advises now that the student entrance is unlocked, and that they need to get units in here, so they can start trying to find this guy.”
    This is the first time Goolsby has advised that deputies need to enter the school grounds and locate the shooter.
    *This is 8 minutes after the shooting started, 5 critical minutes after units have been on scene without trying to make entry, and approximately a minute and a half since Cruz left the scene.

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    Part 2

    **In Goolsby’s report he states he arrived at the school less than a minute after Peterson’s initial transmission of shots fired, which as shown in this report was at 2:23 pm.
    Goolsby also states in his report that upon exiting his vehicle he heard 4-5 shots fired somewhere between the 1200 and 1300 building and did not hear any more shots fired. (This is impossible, as he arrived at 2:24 as stated in this table, thus he should have heard MUCH more than 4-5 shots)
    Goolsby also mentioned in his report that him and Perry unlocked the gate at the west end of the parking lot.
    All of these statements from Goolsby’s report are inconsistent with the factual timeline as gathered from multiple sources.
    Sergeant Miller transmits for the first time:
    17D2 (Miller): “10-4, can you get the papa unit up please, also check if we have any K-9’s and we’ll be in business”
    *This is the first time the sergeant who is running the scene came on the radio, even though he had already been there for over 7 minutes
    **Additionally,” We’ll be in business” is a strange thing to say considering the lives of 14 children and 3 adults had been lost.
    This is the first time the officers make entry into the school.
    4 officers from Coral Springs, and 2 from Parkland (Volpe and Hanks) enter to assist with rescue efforts.
    *Notice VOLPE and HANKS enter, NOT Peterson, Kratz, Eason, Goolsby, Perry, OR Miller
    Approximately 10 officers (believed to be 8 from Coral Springs, 2 from BSO) are observed entering the first floor through the east door (As seen on the surveillance video)

    In summary, it took over 12 minutes from the report of shots fired, and over 7 minutes from when Cruz EXITED the building, for any deputy to enter the building. (Besides Deputy Peterson who was on the school campus but did not confront the shooter).
    Also, not one of the BSO deputies who did finally enter the scene were one of the deputies who first responded to the scene / were present during the active shooter. This appears to be a terrible response from the Deputies of Parkland. The fact that arrival times and other specific details are omitted from their supplemental reports shows deception. The reports submitted from the above-mentioned Deputies are not consistent with the timeline of events. The Sheriff’s office needs to correct the problems so failures like this do not occur in the future. It appears to be a combination of cowardice on the responding Deputies part and failed policies of the Sheriff’s office that led to this disaster. I am not saying the shooter is not responsible as he is 100% responsible for his action. However, Law enforcement officers must have the courage to push towards the shooter and eliminate the threat. It is not an easy thing to do but this is why they get paid high-risk pensions and get to wear a star on their chest. Deputies had a duty to act that day even if just a few lives could have been saved that day it is worth the risk, unfortunately on that day the heroes who stood up to the shooter and tried to save lives did not have guns, badges or protective vest. They were teachers, faculty staff and students some lost their lives, but they will always be remembered as heroes.

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    Best post ever on this site.

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    Damn I just spent the last 45 min on sun-sentinel going over the timeline and supplemental reports link. Then watched that you tube video and this is spot on and looks very bad for the D-17 bravo shift working that day.

    Now I am going to the toilet to take a big Kratz.

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    Zero Transparency

    Thus, no release of the total exterior video.

    The people who we hire to protect us appear to be more concerned about hiding the failure to act which is probably on video!

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    Wow. Reading this and then knowing Kratz was all over Facebook telling people he was one of the first on scene and the smell of gunfire..... What BS!!!! Let’s not forget how he needed to get away for a few days in Disney because of what he saw. Maybe more like survivors guilt and the stress knowing people have screen shots of his posts

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    Truth about MSD? Hardly. Why do you fail to mention the calls to the City of Coral Springs Communications Unit/ CS dispatch and response by the CSPD? You are not here to spread the truth. Just more spin from an interested party. FU.

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    Thanks PR firm

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    ...well, it's gonna be quite a job to convince the public that 4-5 deputies coming from different directions are simply, individually and coincidently all just "cowards"

    There's so much more to this. EVERYONE in every district knows exactly why this happened and no one has the balls to even admit it to themselves.

    So, we'll wait for the official FDLE report and all others to explain what happened, instead of what we all know REALLY happened, pretend , never change a damn thing and appear to be shocked when there is another disaster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Wow. Reading this and then knowing Kratz was all over Facebook telling people he was one of the first on scene and the smell of gunfire..... What BS!!!! Let’s not forget how he needed to get away for a few days in Disney because of what he saw. Maybe more like survivors guilt and the stress knowing people have screen shots of his posts
    Only a damn loser would post some sheeeit like that on Fakebook. Get a life stop spreading your crap for others

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