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Thread: FLPD Hiring

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    FLPD Hiring

    The Fort Lauderdale Police Department is Looking for Experienced Certified Police Officers
    SALARY: Experienced Police Officers will be paid as follows,
    1 - 2.9 years of service $60,091.20 annually
    3 - 4.9 years of service $62,483.20 annually
    5 - 6.9 years of service $64,979.20 annually
    7 - 8.9 years of service $67,329.60 annually
    9 or more years of service $ 69,742.40 annually
    Visit FLPDJobs.com for more

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    Florida State Troopers Hiring

    ***Attention Experienced Law Enforcement Officers***

    The FHP Training Academy will be holding a 4 week Lateral Recruit Class (LRC) for certified law enforcement officers with at least 2 years of active law enforcement experience. The class is scheduled for November 19, 2018.

    What does this mean? If you meet the qualifications, you will attend only a 4 week Academy to become one of Florida’s Finest! You even get to choose your duty assignment!Apply today to get processed for this fast-approaching class! #AlwaysInnovating #TrainingFloridasFinest #FourWeeksIsntBadAtAll #BeATrooperBefore2019 #YouKnowYouWantTo #WeHaveABlackAndTanWithYourNameOnIt

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    FHP is the least paid in the state. You have a better shot getting paid more with a municipality than with FHP

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    Its better than working for the command discipline machine called the NYPD. Would you prefer to get a take home car, warm weather, and unlimited paid details were you just sit in the car and make money or stand on a foot post in December and get scratched by inspections, patrol supervisor, CO, etc

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