Are you a MCOLES certified officer looking to escape those dreaded potholes, cold winter nights, and the need for shovels and snowblowers? If so, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department is looking for you! Today's high in Detroit is expected to be around 30 degrees and sunny; Fort Lauderdale's will be 73 and sunny. Spring has actually started down here...As a matter of fact, it never left! FLPD offers the following:

SALARY: Experienced Police Officers will be paid as follows,

1 - 2.9 years of service $60,091.20 annually
3 - 4.9 years of service $62,483.20 annually
5 - 6.9 years of service $64,979.20 annually
7 - 8.9 years of service $67,329.60 annually
9 or more years of service $ 69,742.40 annually

Check out for more information! Also, make sure to fill out a job interest card, which you can find at Opening soon!