Beware if you get hurt at this hotel. From my experience buy insurance if you have to stay here. FIRST REPONDERS. POLICE OFFICERS

I was 25 years veteran of the Lee County Sheriff I broke my arm on curb off duty vacationing at the JW Marriott. I was gold elite member which I spent 250 nights at Marriott, I switch to Hilton

The JW Marriott came to my police department and interviewed 12 members of my police to discredit and try destroy me as a police officer.
None were at the hotel when I broke my arm. The JW Marriott only interviewed two employees from the actual incident. The video was destroyed and they have history of doing this to other guest. TRIP ADVISOR " BEWARE IF YOU GET HURT AT THE JW MARRIOTT" A school teacher from Jacksonville.

I had bone amputated out my right arm because the break to my arm and JW Marriott attorney stated, " I only lost a little piece of my bone" CRAZY PEOPLE.

If your police officer and get hurt they will do the same to you. They hire attorney to go into your file to discredit you. If happen to one police officer, if happen to another police officer

All I am saying why take a chance, if you are police officer

I will post the same on all 1200 LEO AFFAIRS WEBSITE blog to inform all police what happen to me,

Lee County Sheriff Office