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Thread: Palmetto PD

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    Palmetto PD

    How's the pay at Palmetto PD?
    Do you guys get raises ? Have a step up plan salary? I heard someone saying PPD is paying around 19/hr
    .. and a SGT makes 58k ..
    I'm a SGT in TX and that's about 25k cut for me .. but I really need to move down due to family issues ..

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    Palmetto PD is a small agency and the city doesn't have a big budget, there is now way their Officers make $19/hr. I know Sarasota PD pays well, has a step plan, and is hiring. Bradenton PD not sure if they have openings but they most likely have better benefits than Palmetto PD. You should also take a look at the Sarasota SO and Manatee SO. I know you posted your question months ago....but are you looking to move closer from Tampa or Bradenton-Sarasota? In the Tampa Bay area you also have Pinellas SO, Tampa PD, Hillsborough SO, St Pete PD, all have better benefits than the small agencies in this region of Florida.

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