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    Mayor has showered him with gift's. Like the Glock 43 in the raffle. Make no mistake folk's, the swamp is much deeper than it appears. The motive is power, control and personal gains. Schrader and Blackman are the only thing that keeps em in check and balances the corruption.

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    This obviously proves the facts don't matter to you and you just want them arrested no matter the reason.
    Yes. People who break laws, especially the woman who ripped her nails into this child's arm deserve to be arrested. We have laws for a reason. If the owner didn't report the crime, she is just as culpable by enabling this type of behavior. This is not the only nefarious type of behavior these 2 women have been involved with. I could elaborate on here but why? They tried to cover it up and it made it worse. She's a POS for treating a student like that!

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