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    North Carolina Officer involved shooting

    Just viewed the lasted cell-phone video of this mess. Here is a possible cause which many of us have experienced in one form or another. What if this guy was sitting in his car with gun in hand thinking about ending his life. before he was noticed by the officers. At that point he decide to end it by suicide by cop. I know I have seen such cases, and I know others have as well. That makes a hell of a lot more sense then the left's claim that a bunch of cops decided to cover for a black officer who decided he was going to kill a black man for no reason. We will hopefully all learn the truth at some point, but a few. with rather large mouths will almost certainly ignore the true facts if they do not fit their view. Just a thought- may he RIP.

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    like how all you nazi douchebags are so far right,
    you think everyone is left.

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