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    Cyberstalking question

    I have been cyberstalked for over a year now and I don't know how to protect myself. I tried to file an injunction against the person harassing me but the case was thrown out because the judge said i didn't have enough direct evidence. The thing is, I'm not very computer savvy and the person harassing me is. She's also a high school teacher who has her students do a lot of her dirty work. She personally has at least 4 facebook profiles (which i have blocked) and her students or other teachers continually make fake profiles to stalk me. This has happened on FB, IG, Periscope, and Twitter. I even changed my phone number yet I'm constantly getting calls and texts from people that are associated with her (never from her directly because she wants to look innocent). Now they are even using phone apps that disguise the phone number like TextNow or TextFree and texting/calling me in the middle of the night. They even spam my email address with subscriptions to porn sites and other disgusting things. i have 3 email addresses, but the only one that receives the lewd emails is the one that she contacted me on previously. But since all of these things can be blown off as coincidences and i don't know how to hack the system to trace the IP addresses back to her or her students, i don't know how to prove any of it. I know the simple answer is "get off social media" but i have done that many times before and it severly impacts my business and on top of that, when i do so, she finds other ways to get to me (like the texting apps). i contacted a lawyer about it but they want me to pay $1500 which I don't have as a single mother, so I don't know what else to do.
    How can i protect myself and my family from this harassment?

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    Cyberstalking is one of a few cybercrimes that have been empowered by the Internet. It covers with cyberbullying and cyberluring in that a large number of similar methods are used. Cyberstalking can also happen related to the more traditional form of stalking, where the offender harasses the victim offline.

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