I am not here to say which option is better the investment plan or the pension plan. What I am here for is to offer my assistance to those that are currently in the Investment Plan. The Investment Plan is made up of 21 funds, more than half are Retirement Date Funds. Are they good or bad, is for another discussion. What I can say is that no two people are the same nor have the same retirement needs. As such, FRS realized with new fiduciary standards and laws that something needed to be done. The Investment Plan currently provides plan participants with more options for their investment needs. Your funds stay within FRS, so need to worry about someone running off with your retirement. (Yes, all of us cops are cynical.) Yes, I am a retired Deputy Sheriff, who understands FRS and that a lot of you lost significant amount of funds in your retirement accounts. That loss has forced many of you to stay on longer that anticipated. I swore that I would help my fellow brothers and sisters in securing their retirement. If you or anyone you know is currently enrolled in the FRS Investment Plan, please reach out to me. Those of you that started after January 1, 2016 are automatically enrolled in the Investment plan. almacar@bellsouth.net