10-94 for the Peraza Family
​As of 9am on Wednesday December 16th 2015, you can help the family of Deputy Peter Peraza by donating money to the Peter Peraza Donation Fund at any Wells Fargo bank branch. Just give the bank teller this information with the last for numbers of the bank account 2935 and your donation will be on the way to help the Peraza Family. 100% of the donated money will go to the Peraza family.
​The Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, IUPA Local 6020 firmly stands behind one of its members and will assist in any way possible. We encourage all of you to spread the word and forward this information to anyone that will help. We must stand together on this issue and help Deputy Peraza and his family. Future fundraisers, raffles and dinners will be announced. This will require a long term effort by everyone. We must not let the Peraza family down.

Peter Peraza Donation Fund
any Wells Fargo Bank
Account xxxxxxxx2935