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    looking at going to a another dept.

    I have been doing some research for going to another dept. in the central/southern Florida. I have a few questions about TPD that are not mentioned on the website and can neither be found on the internet. any assistance with this info would be greatly appreciated. First let me say that I am very proactive and am looking at going to a Dept. where there is plenty "action." priority call -shooting, stabbing, car chases, foot chases, narcotics, fights, ect. Is Tallahassee an area that has these types of calls. Is the command staff supportive of officers who are proactive and looking for crime in progress. Is command supportive of officers who have to use force to take down a suspect who is fighting? how is the moral? how is the pay in comparison to the cost of living? What are the opportunities for advancement? Is the SWAT team active with call outs? How long do you have to be on the dept. before you can move to a specialized unit? Will exceptions be made for officers with prior experience in specialized units? Off duty details? How is the benefits package?

    Thank You.

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    Sounds like you would be a nightmare to supervise and a huge headache to TPD. Stay where you are!

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    Thank You and I will look elsewhere.

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    Check out their website. It answers most of your questions. I also recommend you do a ride along too.


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    I recommend if you want all that action go work in Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, or Orlando not here. Don't get me wrong its all here but you will get jammed up if you take a pro active approach to police work here and you will really get hung out to dry if its an A.A. who is the suspect.

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    Car Chases......................That's a foreign term here.

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    Here is a clue. . . . . . .
    When the biggest newspaper in a city is named "The Tallahassee Democrat". . . . . . . .
    When the largest employer is "The State" and Affirmative Action. . . . . . . .
    Well this is what you get.


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