FDLE SAC Addy Villanueva demoted on charges of overtime/LETF fraud

Information coming out of FDLE has revealed that SAC Addy Villanueva, a controversial figure at that entity, has been removed as SAC and demoted to a mere squad supervisor. Her assistant ASAC Robert Breeden has been fired. The accusations against the pair stem from overtime/LETF funds abuse and the misuse of FDLE office space to house the POAT, an MDPD not for profit organization ran by Deputy Director Juan Perez that is currently under investigation for fraudulent overtime payments made to at least a dozen MDPD officers. Villanueva has been a key figure in recent boards enacted to elect the County's OIG and the City of Miami P.D. chief. Her political associations to SA Katherine Fernandez-Rundle has made her a target of retaliation by members of her own agency. The new SAC selected to takeover operations at the FDLE Miami Office is Troy Walker who was previously based out of Tampa.