Civil Forfeiture
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    Civil Forfeiture

    Back in the day, civil forfeiture was "the thing". It became a competition among offices to see who could enrich the government with the most forfeitures. Sometimes, a weak case was pursued with a conviction being of little concern when the target was found to have forfeitable assets of value. I do not know if the Service still follows this practice but at least one state has passed a law to end what was once an effective crime fighting tool only to morph into a revenue stream. It was unconstitutional then and remains so to this day. If The Service has abandoned this practice, then don't waste your time on the link. If it is still being practiced with vigor, then read on. ... money-grab

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    Re: Civil Forfeiture

    In a different, but perhaps related, theme, do you remember when LAFO had completed the investigation of a counterfeiting plant but didn't close down the investigation?

    Instead of making arrests and closing down the plant, they provided financing for the purchase of more paper and more ink for the counterfeiters and let them continue to print so that when the arrests were made the LAFO would have seized more counterfeit than anyone else in the United States.

    Just a rumor. Wonder if it really happened............................


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