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Thread: Officer Mock

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    Officer Mock

    I am glad to see the investigators did not cave-in and find LG guilty of bullying Mock. What disturbs me is Mock's timing in filing the complaint, compared to, when the alleged comments occurred. Due to the large gap of time Mock was being bullied and the comments in a earlier article,"due to all the other allegations against the LPD, I thought I would throw his gripe at the wall, and see if it sticks."

    Does that demonstrate someone who was truly threatened and damaged or a disgruntled ex-cop looking to stir the pot.

    Mock says he is now seeking a potential claim against the city. What are your damages? What constitutional amendment was violated? The first! No luck there - as you were not penalized for making slanderous comments against the Chief. Going to sue LG? That would never occur because you would never breach the govt immunity threshold that is required to sue him personally.

    My suggestion to you: go back to the coffee shop, tell you stories, and keep your mouth shut about things that do not pertain to you.


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    Re: Officer Mock

    I did not remember seeing "citizen" sitting in the coffee shop that morning. And maybe if he or she knew what they were talking about they would not have gone out of their way to sound like a fool

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    Re: Officer Mock

    Mock get a life seriously dude. Stop meddling in other people's affairs and focus on yourself for a change. You won't though lol

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    Lightbulb Re: Officer Mock

    Poor Jimmy. His rantings are not having the effect that he had hoped for. It's funny but recently I had read some of this rantings on Facebook. He hates on a guy that completed 18+ years of service and retires early. His gripe is that this retiree went to the retirement luncheon. It's always been my understanding that anyone with 10 or more years of service can retire. Hmmm? Did I miss something? Or is this another Jimmy rant because he got his feelings hurt? :cry: The funny thing in all of this is after it was explained to him by a really stand up retired police sergeant poor Jimmy "Likes" his comment. How can it be? You bash someone for retiring honorably but then you agree with the posting? Are you drunk again?

    Then poor Jimmy goes on another rant practically claiming that a certain LT had "stolen" the badge off Crispin's body as he lay in the casket. But again Jimmy doesn't have the kahones to go face to face with him. Instead, like any other "TROLL" he bashes people because he's so full of hate.

    And why is he full of hate? No one seems to know.

    In the years I have known poor Jimmy I always thought of him being a laid back kind of guy. But since putting out my feelers I have been told by many people that he was always a whiner, lazy, and just did not amount to much in his so called career. Surprising? Well it was to me at first. But now that I see his true colors it isn't a surprise at all.

    Lastly, I had spoken with a very reputable person who happens to be a chaplain now. He had told me that when poor Jimmy's dad was working there he was known to have his quirks. I guess he was just old school. But the interesting thing is what he said. He said that if poor Jimmy's dad was still alive that he would be very ashamed of him and how he treats the department he loved.

    Oh and one more thing. This has me scratching my head. Maybe poor Jimmy can explain or maybe his minion DV (Another hater who was lazy. We'll have to ask him to explain why he was kicked off Street Crimes. The secret is...he was lazy) can explain this. Poor Jimmy has an open Facebook profile- (https://www.facebook.com/jimmy.mock?fref=ts). Now some things that poor Jimmy does is an Eagle Scout leader and his favorite and ONLY book (he's ever read) The Bible (good choice Jimmy) are listed. But yet he spews hate and disdain for what was a good career with the Lakeland Police Department and only tarnishes his reputation with becoming a TROLL. He has hurt a lot of people with his words and rants. A lot of them are my personal friends. And why? I just don't know. I feel sorry for the guy I really do. Several people I've spoken with think that his hate is a result of self medication and mental illness. Get some help Jimmy.

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    Re: Officer Mock

    Actually, DV was kicked out of Street Crimes for being scared...I was there. Great post though.

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    Re: Officer Mock

    how dumb are you guys?

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    DV was lazy..he quit after having to take two signal 48 reports in one day...if you dont believe me ask around.....as for Mock he was a kindergarten cop...hardly a real crime fighter....

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    Oh boy!!! We all love these so called tough guys that wouldn't have the guts to get in Mock's face and talk smack. They know theyd get bodyslammed into the concrete and cry to their mom who smells like cigarettes and cheap beer. STFU!

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    Easy Jimmy!

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