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    7. How many prisons does Florida have?

    The DC has 143 correctional facilities statewide, including 48 prisons, seven private partner prisons, 15 prison annexes, 33 work camps, 20 state-run work release centers, 13 private work release centers, four road prisons, two forestry camps, and one basic training camp. In FY 2011-12, 32,279 inmates were admitted to prison and another 34,463 were released. As of January 2011, Florida had 140 prison facilities, including 61 major institutions, 41 work/forestry camps, one treatment center, 34 work release centers and five road prisons. Florida correctional facilities are divided into major institutions, work camps, work release centers and road prisons. The classification of inmates into these different facilities takes into account the seriousness of their offenses, length of sentence, time remaining to serve, prior criminal record, escape history, prison adjustment, and other factors. The most serious offenders with the longest sentences and those least likely to adjust to institutional life are placed in more secure facilities
    Technically the FDOC only has one prison. FSP.

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    Deadliest prison

    I say Santa Rosa CI

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