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    Benefit for Officers Sister

    One of brothers sister was recently struck by lightning while walking along the beach. As a result she suffered severe brain damage and has limited motor skills and mental ability. She requires weekly speech therapy. We will be holding a benefit fundraiser at this weekends Ribfest in St. petersburg. All proceeds from our rib tent will benefit Dawn. Look for the BlueLine Ribs tent and show your support while filling your bellies. Please contact Ofc Cornilieus in D3 for further info or to donate to the cause.


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    Thanks for posting I think its great that you guys are collecting money for this brother's sister. And a HUGE thank you to those who are putting in the hours at the Ribfest. Let's set a record!!!

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    Is the girl in the video who you're raising money for????? Sorry dude but she sucks take that keyboard away from her!!!!

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