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    Officers with PTSD thrown away like trash?

    Law Enforcement officers get PTSD all the time when the symptoms come to light often in misconduct they are pushed aside and terminated. Police administrators need to reconsider their actions. The book copshock should be a part of everyone's training including administrators. It's time depts take care of the guys on the ground if not allow them to retire on disability. I'm not selling books here just raising awareness for a common problem we all face at different levels.

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    I agree. Having been exposed to multiple traumatic events and being honest enough to seek help for it does not negate the effectiveness of the LEO. How many of our brothers and sisters do we all know who self medicate, in some way, to forget the horrors we can see on the job? A little bit of understanding and empathy for those who are hurting can go a long way to getting them back on the road.

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    Blackballed due to PTSD

    I started suffering from PTSD after witnessing a man shooting himself. I went to supervisor for help. Was sent home and told to get cleared by a doctor before I could return. That easier said than done. I couldn't return when the department said I had to due to no doctor clearance. So I was fired. I waited some time and started looking at other departments and no will talk to me because of last department. I have done law enforcement my whole life and know nothing else.

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