Unfortunately, the SD highway patrol doesn't have a page here and Rapid City is the closest, so you get stuck listening to my rant. During a recent visit to Sturgis for the 72nd annual motorcycle rally, members of my group (all Florida law enforcement) had the unfortunate occasion to meet some of the members of the highway patrol. These guys didn't give a damn about us being police officers and wrote equipment and traffic violation tickets for the most petty of things and even subjected us to PBT (portable breath test) screenings. I understand "zero tolerance", but give me a break already! There are plenty of other ass wipes out there (ie - 1%, OMG, etc.) to harass, write tickets to and even arrest. I am so saddened by the way we were treated (no professional courtesy at all), that I left South Dakota with total disgust for the highway patrol, specifically the K-9 prick that worked the exit 30 area outside of Strugis. In short, if any of those highway patrol guys were on fire, I wouldn't piss on them to put out the fire. And finally, I hope someday you guys visit Florida so I can repay you in similar fashion.