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    Angry Murray Cohen Murder Cover-Up

    Steve Esdale, are you still monitoring this board? Who were the people at the SSO you felt were involved? Is there a website in which all of the paperwork/discovery can be viewed?? How can you be contacted ?

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    Re: Murray Cohen Murder Cover-Up

    Kurt Hoffman doesnt work for the county DUMMY, He works for the Sheriff's Office. Which is a Constitutional Office of the Sheriff. His boss is the Sheriff. The Sheriff's boss is the Governor. :roll: Totally diffrent entity. Get a grip moron.

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    Re: Murray Cohen Murder Cover-Up

    Ok, let's try this again. The question is for Det. DS or ex Det CH. Did you know about the drug that was in the house the day Murray Cohen died? Did you know what that drug was? Did you know what it could do to a human being? Did you ever check phone records? This question is for Steve Esdale. Have you ever asked for a public records request for Captain Jeff Bell's department cell phone records during the time frame of your father's death? There is no reason to delete this post Mod!

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    Question Re: Murray Cohen Murder Cover-Up

    February 26, 2008
    Thomas M. Knight, Sheriff
    Sarasota County Sheriff's Office
    P. O. Box 4115
    Sarasota, Florida 34230-4115
    Re: Death of Murray Cohen
    Dear Sheriff Knight:
    I received yours of January 23, 2009, copy attached. I am very disappointed in your
    position that this case has been closed by your agency. I am enclosing my previous letter to
    Governor Crist outlining the problems and allegations. I have attached concerning messages to
    the prior Sheriff from Maria Cohen. I have also attached an e-mail composite documenting
    recent back and forth between myself Kurt Hoffman. None of my very basic questions were
    ever answered.
    On a separate note, you indicate that your office does not have a bias against Steve
    Esdale. I am attaching your own internal e-mails, which refer to him, repeatedly, in a negative
    and malicious fashion. To demonstrate, David Scott refers to him as a "pain in the neck." Gary
    Kragenbrink refers to him as "a certified loose in the wind flake." Captain Jeff Bell refers to my
    client as a "nut." I also question Mr. Bell's personal relationship with Ms. Cohen, which you
    should explore immediately. This is very unprofessional, and clearly represents a conflict of
    I am not in this case for my health. I am not getting paid for my work. I am an
    extremely busy lawyer and do not have time for nonsense. As an officer of the court, I truly
    believe that justice has been misplaced.
    Please do your job as Sheriff. Reopen
    false documents, data and investigation provide
    medical examiner at the time of death requeste
    real investigation. Demonstrate to me that it is
    rk H. Gelman
    cc: Kristen Cosby, CBS - Fox 30 News(w encls.)
    Susan Candiotti, CNN(wencls)
    Jesse Waters, O'Reilly Factor(w encls)
    Eben Brown, Fox News Channel(w encls)

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    Question Re: Murray Cohen Murder Cover-Up

    With time, this will resolve itself! :cop:

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    Re: Murray Cohen Murder Cover-Up

    I agree hopefully youll go elsewhere. :roll: :roll: Hey try FDLE,FBI website maybe they can help you cya :cop:

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    Angry Re: Murray Cohen Murder Cover-Up

    Quote Originally Posted by Guest
    I agree hopefully youll go elsewhere. :roll: :roll: Hey try FDLE,FBI website maybe they can help you cya :cop:

    Ya know, if that were your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or even son or daughter, you would not have a response like that. This tells me you are probably one of the ones involved. If/when it happens to you, which i hope is doesn't, you will see how it feels to be on the other side and have NO ONE believe you. There is too much evidence being ignored by the SSO Dets. PERIOD.

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    Re: Murray Cohen Murder Cover-Up

    You might be correct at least in your own mind. If you feel so strongly go downtown and make an appointment with the Chief Detective, or take your complaint to the SAO or FDLE or FBI. Stop coming on here and posting your rambling. Your going at this in the wrong way. Try the correct approach. Coming on a cop forum is not going to get you the answers you believe are skewed. We cant do anything for you. To us it looks like a nut job with a rage. Sorry we see that everyday.

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    Re: Murray Cohen Murder Cover-Up

    Steven Esdale, your son Ryan Esdale is about 19 or 20 years old now. Is he living a productive life, or is he chasing dreams of big money and becoming bitter like you?

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    Re: Murray Cohen Murder Cover-Up

    South Florida Sun-Sentinel, February 10, 2006, Obituary
    "Esdale, Sally, 96, of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, passed away on February 8, 2006. Sally is survived by her loving children, Janice, Richard and Robert; and their children, Steven, Kenneth, Laura, Sharon and Jared; and her great-grandson Ryan."

    Steven, I noticed 2 things.
    1)Murray B. Cohen (1930-2003) was a former deputy sheriff.
    2)You use your mother’s maiden name Esdale instead of your father’s name Cohen.
    A case can be made that you’re conflicted about your father, and therefore you retaliate against LEOs.

    Anyway it's been nearly 8 yrs. since your father died of a heart attack, he'd be 80 years old now. Isn't it time to let it go?

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