Law Enforcement Officers, face very interesting, trying, situations on a daily basis. Officers are led into many strange, dark, eerie places for many different reasons. I have come across a lot of Officers, throughout the Country, who have had “paranormal” , “ghost” and “unexplained” experiences, while they were working. I have had Officers tell me of apparitions they have seen, heard and felt. Many find this very disturbing, yet very interesting and want to know of others that have had the same experiences. My name is Summer and I have been a Law Enforcement Officer for 10 years. My friend, Peter, who has been an Officer for 12 years has experienced the Paranormal as well. We have come together and decided to write a book, about Officers on duty, FOR Officers, to share similar and different experiences with others. We would love to hear all about your experiences. Please! Email us your stories, experiences, visions or anything you would like to share. Please contact us at: You can send pictures or videos as well. Please make sure to include the location of where the experience happened and a way to contact you, and any History of the location if known. Thank you very much, Summer and Peter.