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    Thank You President Rosenberg.

    With the arrival of the new President a couple of years ago, a new Regime was announced. It was called “A New Era”. Many, (including myself), accustomed to the political rhetoric of the sophists, received the “New Regime” as mere rhetoric and even with an air of skepticism. At the end, hasn’t history taught us that “all politicians are the same”?.

    And yet, in spite of the low expectations of the populace, the new president did bring into us a complete realm. A truly “New Era”. His messianic kingdom has expanded and reached to the whole four corners of the University’s community.

    Even unto us, The Police Department, have received with great joy the polices and changes of the “New Era” ! The President and his political entourage, has reenergized, revitalized and refurbished the University police presence. To the point that everywhere in Miami-Dade County, the law enforcement community is talking about the good things that are going on in our University in regard to the Police Department!

    We are experiencing people’s interest in working with us like never before! …more than 100 applications have been received so far from fellow officers that wants to be part of our family!

    My point is this, we should be thankful for the new president, his political entourage and his “New Era” policies. He removed with chirurgical precision, the systemic cancers that were cutting the oxygen and blood flow through our entire Police Department, and instead have giving us the resources and manpower needed to deliver to the University community the security and police services that were so much desperate in need of.

    FIUPD is not the dead end Police Department designed for retiree’s officers that with so much labor the old Regime was committed to. under the old Regime, this PD had the greatest turnout in the Metropolitan area. But thank God than those days are over for the sake of the University Community.

    Right now the morale is high, the officers are giving their 100% and more, the momentum has being created and the present as well as the future is bright here at FIUPD!

    This is indeed a "New Era", where "Wolds Ahead" is just the beginning



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    Re: Thank You President Rosenberg.

    Wow, Hitler is turning over in his grave. A Nazi propaganda title being used to thank a Jew. If this is the new era of FIUPD we are screwed.

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    Re: Thank You President Rosenberg.

    Like in any political discourse, we all have the right to disagree with each other.

    I am trying to read your post between the lines. If your point is that The University’s Knesset still has work to do in order to make FIUPD more effective, I agreed….there is always room for improvement everywhere in life!

    And yet, if I have to chose between the Old Cuban Cosa Nostra Regime in which FIUPD were under a couple of years ago, and this Zionist movement that we now have, I guess that the answer is obvious.

    Let me remind you that the Old Regime reigned with an iron fist for more than 20 years. And FIUPD did not show much sings of progress in those 2 decades of total Feudalism, perhaps with the exception of a “Portable” water front property by the lake as a station, conveniently located next to the dumpsters in juxtaposition with a dispatch building in pristine rotten conditions.

    I imagine everyday El Senor drinking Cuban cafesito in the balcony of his Primera Casa office,in the early hours of the morning while looking at the dispatch Tower thinking “I cant wait to see that F@#$% building caving in and bringing down with it whatever is left of these M%%$@#S ”…. Yeah…I clearly see the support FIUPD had under that Tropical Administration.

    Now, whether this Mister is from Semitic descendants, or a member of a Germanic tribe is totally irrelevant to me. The point is that finally we all can see real progress going on.

    I am critical when is time to be critical, but like to support when the support is well deserved.

    But again, we are welcome to respectfully disagree with each other.


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