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    Re: FDOT pursuit in Molino

    I understand now. The next time you see your neighbors out in the backyard just ask what the deal was. I like a good community crime watch neighborhood. Good job.

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    Re: FDOT pursuit in Molino

    Some people on here are not explaining what you mean to the complainant. Many LE agencies don't even know. FDOT law enforcement officers have merged with FHP. They are. Now FHP commercial vehicle enforcent Troopers.

    If you look at car. The door seal now has a FHP door seal. The cars will change through attrition. I herd a. Deputy in my county. The other day. Say on the radio. "I'll be out with Dot officer. I Think" scratch that his car says FHP. Thought it sounded funny. Anyway the guy sounds like he did his part

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