You NEED to know how your union dues are being expended by the PBA
In 2010 and 2011 in Coconut Creek Florida the PBA has hired private investigators to follow around, photograph and harass fellow police officers in good standing who are also PBA dues paying members. The Officers are witnesses in an arbitration against a former officer who is being represented by the PBA.
To make matters worse, the PBA hired 2 former police officers as private investigators, one who was convicted by a jury for filing false police reports and whose conviction was upheld by an Appeals Court. The second private investigator is a former HPD officer who was arrested and awaiting trial for framing a citizen in the now famous “Disney Production” DUI case in Hollywood Florida.
Our Union Dues are being utilized against our own members and we are paying dishonest ex cops to investigate our own.
There is something really wrong going on.