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The part about wrecks was directly from our captains mouth. Its not rumor. Its fact.

Just found out yesterday also that the Staff sergeants got to keep their pay additive they were getting for the added duties to oversee the maintenance issues at the scales. They no longer need that pay additive especially since they dont have that extra dutie any longer. You cant say it was a promotion bc everyone knows thats not a promotion and the people who got it were just given it without any competitive process.

Maybe they could have let the sergeants who were demoted keep their pay if they would have done away with the staff sergeants pay additive as we were told they were going to do. The staff sergeants are no longer staff sergeants and arent doing the job that got them the extra money for the extra work, they shouldnt be paid for the work they arent doing any longer.

As far as the troopers, i have to say that i am surprised, but they have been very welcoming to us, which i appreciate very much. i am hopung its because they realize that the merger isnt because of us. We are just holding on for this ride trying to figure which end isnup right now.

The problem seems to be at the top and the legislature when you are talking about the pay issues.

As a trooper with 20 plus years, I welcome CVE aboard to FHP. I hope you are not mistreated and are treated with respect by other Troopers.

Nevertheless, like other agencies, we will always have those 10% that will never accept change and be disgruntled.

As for pay equal to troopers, unfortunately no money was added to the budget when you guys came over, so it would had to be taken from FHP' s allotted budget, which was already reduced for 2011-2012.

My guess is that eventually this will be fixed.

Just hang in there and welcome aboard.