Two officers killed, one marshal wounded in St. Petersburg
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    Two officers killed, one marshal wounded in St. Petersburg


    ST. PETERSBURG — Two officers are dead after a shootout at a St. Petersburg home Monday morning.

    "Our community has suffered a loss today," St. Peterburg Police Chief Chuck Harmon said during a somber press conference outside of Bayfront Medical Center.

    The officers became the first killed during duty in St. Petersburg since 1980.

    They were shot Monday morning after approaching a home where suspect Hydra Lacy Jr. was being served a U.S. Marshal's warrant through a fugitive task force.

    A marshal who also responded to the scene but was said to be in stable condition.

    The shooting took place at 3734 28th Ave. S, in the Perry Bayview neighborhood. Authorities were serving the warrant to Hydra Lacy Jr., a known sex offender, according to records, though police have not yet released the suspect's name.

    Officers first made contact at the home to interview the suspect's girlfriend at 7 a.m. When it became clear the suspect was in the attic and armed, more officers arrived. At 9:20 a.m., more prolonged rounds of firing could be heard coming from the site. Later, the last injured officer was taken from the inside the house and transported to the hospital. He was accompanied by a surgeon.

    "It doesn't look good," St. Petersburg Police Chief Chuck Harmon said after the last officer was taken away.

    Early Monday, Pinellas Sheriff's Chief Deputy Robert Gualtieri, made a dramatic statement a previously scheduled meeting of the County Commission, saying, "The one St. Pete officer is dead and the other one is pinned down in the house and was shot several times."

    But at 10:10 p.m., police officials only said two were in critical condition and one was stable.

    Police spokesman Mike Puetz said the suspect was facing aggravated battery and two other felony charges and was being served a U.S. Marshal's warrant by a police officer. An officer was interviewing the suspect's girlfriend, who told the officer the suspect was in the attic. When the suspect was approached, he began firing at the officer.

    A police SWAT team is on scene, along with several police vehicles and ambulances wrapping around six blocks. Some Pinellas Sheriff's deputies are also at the scene, as well as vehicles from other agencies, including a Tampa police armored vehicle.

    Police cleared the streets leading to Bayfront Medical Center in preparation for the ambulances to transport victims, according to dispatchers. They have also asked that all helicopters stay away from the area, as the suspect has made reference to them.

    Neighbors said they first heard shots coming from the home at 4 a.m. and later saw police lights at 7:15 a.m.

    Records show the house belongs to Christine Lacy, 45, and Hydra Lacy Jr. Records show he is 38 or 39.

    State records list Hydra Lacy Jr. as a sex offender as of March 2004. He is listed as absconded as of June 30, 2010, meaning he is no longer residing at the address listed for him.

    In 1992, he was sentenced in Pinellas County to 15 years for sexual battery with weapon or force and five years for false imprisonment and aggravated child abuse of a victim younger than 13, according to state criminal records. He was released from state prison on March 4, 2001.

    He first served time in prison, from 1989 to 1991, for a five-year sentence on charges of battery on a law enforcement officer for an offense.
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    Re: Two officers killed, one marshal wounded in St. Petersburg

    First allow me to give my condolences to the families of the fallen offcers, and those wounded.

    I would just like to point out what a ***** the chief is. Why did he use the term "GENTLEMAN" when refering to this low life, scumbag maggot who is hopefully grave yard dead.
    How in the hell can you call him a gentleman when the guy has just shot officers, you are not running for Chief.
    Go in and apoligize to the family and tell them that you are sorry this "gentleman" killed their spouses.
    What in the hell is wrong with you, you nutless *****.
    MAYOR you should be ashamed of yourself for politicking on duty, this inncident has nothing to do with equipment or training?
    and all you did is take the podium to talk about yourself, disgusting.
    I am a 30 year veteran not of your agency, all I ask is to call it like it is maybe you should get some training from Grady Judd.
    If it looks, smells and taste like crap chances are it is crap.
    Thank you Chief *****,

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    Re: Two officers killed, one marshal wounded in St. Petersburg

    Regarding the above I apoligize to leo for using the kitty cat word.
    Also I neglected to say the word "gentleman" was used 6-7 times.
    I bet the St.Pete Times headlines tomorrow will read "GENTLEMAN KILLS TWO AND WOUNDS ONE POLICE OFFICER".
    I guarentee I have been to more L/E funerals than either one of these goof balls.
    Call it like it is.

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    Re: Two officers killed, one marshal wounded in St. Petersburg

    STOP IT. Harmon is grieving. So am I. Words come out during grief. Not always the best words. But please stop the words you're using now. You're hurting me.

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    Re: Two officers killed, one marshal wounded in St. Petersburg

    Really? These officers are hurting YOU? Let them grieve. Let them vent. This isn't about YOU. And for as long as HARMON has been chief, you'd think by now he'd learn to choose his words better. Giving dignity to our fallen and the families, and the officers in general - it's what we all need. The guy is a thug, he's no where near a gentlman.

    A heart-felt response doen not provoke one to use the word GENTLEMAN. It's always about NOT inciting a RIOT or offending the "oppressed" population of south St. Pete.

    SPPD's finest HAVE NO ADMINISTRATIVE support. Never have....never will. I salute each and every one of the men and women who put their lives on the line each day for us.

    May the fallen rest in peace. AMEN

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    Re: Two officers killed, one marshal wounded in St. Petersburg

    My heart goes out to all of SPPD and their families.

    I hope that ******* gets blown away. Its bad enough I have to see Dante Morris alive and walking around, even if it is in a prison jumpsuit.

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    Re: Two officers killed, one marshal wounded in St. Petersburg

    Our entire community is diminished by this senseless loss of two of our officers. Our hearts grieve with the SPPD family and especially with the families of the fallen officers. To all who wear the uniform, please know that the residents here are holding you in their thoughts and prayers. Stay well and be strong our brothers and sisters. We are with you...

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    Re: Two officers killed, one marshal wounded in St. Petersburg

    As a retired Connectciut State Trooper I extend my sincerest condolences to the family of the Officers involved and to the SPPD family for their loss. This is by far a very tragic day for the city of St. Petersburg. To the brave officers who entered for the rescue you have my complete respect for your courage under fire.

    That being said, I watched the press conference live and can say without regret that Chief Harmon is in the wrong profession and is an embarassment to his PD. The scum who committed this crime was not a "gentleman." While I understand that he probably could not have said "scum" (although I would have without regret) the term suspect surely is appropriate.

    Again my condolences to the deceased officers and their families and to the SPPD family, you will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Re: Two officers killed, one marshal wounded in St. Petersburg

    To the poster who calls himself “Mayor and Chief” and “ExSpouseCurrentSpouse”:

    It was an incident involving the cooperation of the US Marshals Service, Pinellas County SO and St. Petersburg Police.

    It had nothing to do with admin support of lack thereof.

    You’ve plastered your political opinions all over this board and SPPDs. Get a grip, you’ve been out of the loop for years. Living in “da burg” for the past two decades (as you claim) doesn’t qualify you to blame the situation on the Mayor, the Police Chief, the Pinellas State Attorney, and the liberal judges -- as you did on your SPPD post. It qualifies you as a rabble rouser.

    To show how far out you are, you blamed a former SPPD police chief for the murders of the two officers, implying he tipped off the bad guy about the warrant.

    This isn’t about you. Move on. Quit taking advantage of peoples’ grief.

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    Re: Two officers killed, one marshal wounded in St. Petersburg

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