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    I am interested about applying with your agency when an opening becomes available , will juvenile charges (from +/- 15 years ago) hinder my application ? Do you even review them ? I admit freely I grew up a screw up , but did a 180 , and accomplished many things "public safety" oriented .


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    Wauchula City Police Department seems to have openings often. Most of them are part-time but is a good way to get a foot in the door. Stop by the PD, pick up an application and fill it out. IIRC, They require you to be 19 yoa, H/S Diploma/GED, Florida Law Enforcement Certified, Pass Oral Board/Background/Polygraph/Psych Exam. I doubt the juvenile charges will have a negative effect but make sure they know about it. DO NOT forget to list it or cover it up.


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