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    Self Defence

    Is it true that in the UK a citizen is not allowed to defend himself/herself?

    So if I am sitting in my home watching television minding my own business and a burglar breaks in. And this burglar comes up to me and punches, stabs or shoot me, I have no right to defend myself?

    In Florida I have a few guns. And Lord have mercy on the burglar who breaks into my home. That burglar better be in good terms with God and Jesus because he/she will meet Jesus the day he/she breaks into my house. I will shoot and ask questions later. And Florida has a law called the Stand your Ground Law. Which gives a private citizen the right to stand his/her ground when attacked by a thug.

    We don't have to run and hide. We can stand tall and fight or shoot. We can actually shoot a burglar in our homes or cars if they attack us in our cars in the street. While we walk on our sidewalks we get attacked we can shoot.

    This is a great law. And don't come back saying the US Wild West Barbarians. You Brits are not close to being civilized yourselves. No European can tell me that you guys are civilized. Caused two world wars in the 20th century.

    And yes the United States may be a super power but I love the laws here.

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    Yes it is true.

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    No, you can defend yourself

    Of course you can defend yourself. You can use reasonable force to defend yourself and your property.


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