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    I thought this thread was about the Dolphins & corrupt cops like Adderly and Israel?

    Rothstein and Police Chief at Scene of Moe's Bentley Crash
    Bob Norman | December 9, 2009 | 11:09pm

    Rothstein and Police Chief (Frank Adderley) at Scene of Moe's Bentley Crash
    Bob Norman

    Well, I told you below that something good was brewing, and it just came out. Bill Gelin at JAABlog got the story on cigar man Moe Sohail's Bentley crash -- and a couple of unexpected guests show up at the scene.

    You can get all the details on Gelin's post, but the long and short of it is that Sohail's Bentley came careening at high speed across Broward Boulevard and slammed into a BMW driven by one Danielle Filler. In the Bentley with Sohail, whom we introduced here a couple of weeks ago, was a woman named Sarah Merricks. Inside the Bentley, perfectly, was a takeout bag from Bova Prime.

    That's a crazy crash, right? Could have easily killed somebody. The driver of that Bentley, allegedly Merricks, had some some serious explaining to do.

    But then an unexpected visitor showed up. Here's a photograph taken at the scene:

    Now that's definitely Rothstein, who came to the side of his (then) good friend Sohail. But who is that with him? Is that

    Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley? We know Adderley loved to hang out with Rothstein at Bova Prime and that his department provided a 24-hour security detail for Rothstein at a fee of about $1,000 a day. We also know Adderley attended Miami Dolphins games in Rothstein's luxury boxes at Land Shark Stadium and that he has been a visitor to Rothstein's house. All this while Rothstein was pulling off one of the greatest heists in Florida history.

    UPDATED: That's Adderley. It's confirmed.

    If nothing else, this is an indication that the police chief was at Rothstein's beck and call. We'll have to see if he became involved in any way with the investigation. Writes Gelin: "As strange as it might seem, no DUI investigation was conducted, despite the obvious indicia of possible intoxication. Whether or not the man resembling Adderley had any input into this decision is unknown at this time."

    Here's where it gets even more interesting. Remember Goodfella, the angry and knowledgeable Pulp commenter who many believed was Rothstein himself? Here's what Goodfella said about the crash: "when your girlfriend should have been arrested for dui when she smashed your bentley rothstein came running to your rescue and saved you and her."

    It all kind of comes together. And here's the kicker: Moe Sohail himself told me that he was "sure" that Goodfella was Rothstein.
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    OK, so where do we go from here? State Attorney's Office investigation of the crash and the scene, because this can't be trusted with the FLPD, a department that stood by the side of a man, socialized with him, protected him, as he committed one of the greatest heists in South Florida history.

    I'm going to leave you with the entire Goodfella comment. It bears repeating now.

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    No one will discuss this next year it is truly a nonissue.

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