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    No Rights for you

    LEO's are public servants. If you don't want your info in the public domain then find another job and maybe stop posting foul retaliatory lies and info about people who don't bow down to the Jack Boot. The days of cops being able to be hidden from the public are coming to end like or not. You betray the trust of the public: expect to hear about it, expect us to make it public. Soon we will have a LEO wiki where we track every foul act of every foul cop with all of the pertinent info about them available to anyone who wants to know.

    Removing your info from public records is a violation of the law. You have no special right to anonymity.

    Video doesn't lie, cops do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Oh lets start the crying for all the poor leo's. Like I alway hear if your not doing anything wrong then you don't need to worry. Besides your office will investigate and determine who is in the wrong and we now they never fall on the side of the police LOL!
    But the fact is that there are so many ways of discovering information about you these days that anyone who seriously wants to find your residence will be able to do so.
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