The FOP at work for all LEO/Detention……

Please call and/or email Senator J.D. Alexander and request that he withdraw Senate Bill 1932 by Senator Altman, from his committee and place it on Special Order Calendar. This is the Adams Pierce Act and the FOP members will recognize this bill as a bill that our organization has supported for several years. This is the bill that allows an officer who has been injured in the line of duty and still working for his/her agency to continue to receive their special risk status for retirement calculations. This is a good bill that helps to give officers an alternative to going out on disability retirement or to continue working. The bill is ready to go, but we Senator Alexander to help it move further along it’s path in the legislative process.

Senator J.D. Alexander

Phone: (850) 487-5044


Brothers and Sisters,

Congratulations ,are in order to all of you who helped with your letters, calls and emails on the Florida Retirement System Health Insurance Subsidy. , Your efforts have paid off and the FOP has made a difference in Tallahassee, when late last evening the House and Senate Budget Committee tossed out the bill that would have eliminated the H.I.S.

All FRS workers would have had their Health Insurance Subsidy taken away if this bill had been passed. , Finally a glimmer of hope coming from the Legislature. , ,This benefit is safe for now.

Thank you to all FOP members and ,especially to your Legislative Director Lisa Henning, Thomas Grigsby ,and the entire Legislative Committee for all the hard work in opposing this bill. , You can be proud of the FOP effort to protect your rights in Tallahassee.

Jim Preston, State President


House Bill 417/ Legislative Body Bill

It is vital that everyone email the following legislators and request that they not withdraw House Bill 417 from it''s ,councils of reference.

Speaker Larry Cretul
Phone: (850) 488-1450

Representative Dean Cannon ,
Phone: (850) 488-2742

Representative Bill Galvano (Rules Chairman) ,(aide)
Phone: (850) 488-4086

Representative Rivera ,(Council Chair)
Remember to thank Representative Rivera for NOT putting the bill up for a hearing.... but ask that he continue to help us by not withdrawing the bill

Representative Murzin
Phone: (850) 488-8278


"Please do not allow House Bill 417 / Legislative Body bill to be withdrawn from it''s councils of reference. This bill is very controversial and unconstitutional. The bill would send a message to the Deputies in this state that their constitutional rights are less important than that of municipal officers and firefighters. Please let the courts finish their appeals hearings and do the job that they are assigned to do... The only reason that this issue is being pushed so hard by Sheriffs is because we are only a few months away from the courts ruling on their appeal to an already ruled on case. If you would like any information on this issue, please contact Lisa Henning *or* Thomas Grigsby at "

You may say what ever else you wish, but the above request needs to be received as soon as possible, the Sheriff''s are pushing the leadership of the House to waive this bill out of two councils and to also only take up the senate version (610) from messages.... We are at a crucial time when our focus is on legislation and the budget (retirement issues), we need to make certain that we keep vigilant to fight against the erosion of the leo''s constitutional right as everyone turns their focus towards the budget.....Please help me to help you... The Sheriffs have hired additional lobbyists to work this issue, so we need to use our power as a group and send a message that we will "Remember In November"....

Lisa Henning,
FOP Legislative Director