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    No 'red flags' seen before Florida Trooper's murder-suicide

    Thread where people are sharing is here:

    Board index ‹ Florida ‹ Florida Highway Patrol
    FHP trooper, wife dead in apparent murder-suicide
    04/11/10 09:10:12

    Another article:

    No 'red flags' seen before Citrus County murder-suicide of trooper, wife

    St Petersburg Times
    By Mike Brassfield and Dominick Tao, Times Staff Writers
    Posted: Apr 11, 2010 02:00 PM
    FLORAL CITY — A longtime Florida Highway Patrol trooper and his wife died in an apparent murder-suicide at their Citrus County home early Sunday, authorities said. The state trooper, Eddie Silcox, had been with the patrol for 22 years. Investigators say he and his wife, Sandra, had been married for nearly 30 years but had been having marital problems and recently had been separated ... Eddie Silcox was assigned to Highway Patrol Troop C, which patrols roads and highways around much of the Tampa Bay area. Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Larry Kraus said Silcox kept his personal life separate from his work duties, and has "no record of any kind of violent past" during his time with the patrol ... Kraus said the family had two sons, a 17-year-old who is now with relatives, and another who is in the Air Force ... "Right now, we haven't seen any red flags. Not any red flags that the department would have known about," Kraus said ...


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    Re: No 'red flags' seen before Florida Trooper's murder-suicide

    This is really sad. The best thing we can do is pray for the people who are most impacted by this.

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    Re: No 'red flags' seen before Florida Trooper's murder-suicide

    Trooper Silcox was a good honest hardworking man. He was also a great husband, father and nice person. I do feel that measures by the FHP should have been taken by his superiors when his seporation started effecting him to the point of depression. Trooper Silcox states himself in the 9-11 call he was has been depressed the past few weeks and signs were missed. Anyway very very sad ending to a wonderful Trooper and to his wifes life.

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    Re: No 'red flags' seen before Florida Trooper's murder-suicide

    Wonderful wonderful trooper Silcox?

    Lord help us.

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