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    Re: One more time...Terms of use

    From the whatever it's worth department................................For a while now we have been able to post just about anything we want to post w/o the previous communist mod tod deleting our posts. I'm not making reference to really offensive posts that in truth, should be deleted, I'm talking about satire, poking fun at others and ABT. That's a good thing because it refelects the current mood and provides an escape. So, the main mod tod honcho should be appreciated.

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    Funny, looks like the only threads that were deleted by the new moderator was the ones talking about what a dip sh*t Ken Lawson is. Hey moderator (or Stalin) whatever you wanna go by, Ken Lawson is an embarrassment and it looks like he has grabbed a hold of your balls!

    Orrr; it could be that the "stache" is squeezing them (or fondling them). Either way, you suck!

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    The Truth Hurts so bad!

    Looks like the truth jumped up and bit the head honchos right on the butt! The new rules posted by the new moderator are very well written; almost legal language. Maybe the new moderator IS a lawyer (Director, asst director, Lawson himself) who knows. Either way, you are threatening us!!! You are NOT one of us, so don't pretend to be. They own you, boy!

    The problem is, this was supposed to be a place to anonymously vent; to speak your mind about the lack of professionalism among our "leaders", as well as their lack of competence. We hoped that the secretary, director, chief, whoever, would read these comments and subjectively look into themselves, or their peers, and make it more like a real law enforcement agency. It is human nature to react negatively to criticism, even to threaten your subordinates. We get that! But, how about stop for a minute and look at yourself. You guys are not respected, for a reason! What do you expect when you come on board and start throwing your nuts in our face. You constantly tell us we ain't worth a sh*t, always beatin' us down. Then you come up with the dumbest sh*t, ever. You know, you guys (and you know who you are) wouldn't last 6 months at a Sheriff's office. All real agencies give their officers guns, arrest power and the training that is necessary to carry out specific job duties (enforce state statutes) and they have the competence in their troops to let them go get in a car, usually by themselves, and go into the night; facing the low life that is creeping in the dark. A seasoned street cop self initiates enforcement activity, on his own, without being told to do so. He conducts citizen contact with suspicious persons on his beat; he knows everybody, good and bad. He is in tune with his beat. Now, you tell him he can't go into an apartment complex, without an ops plan, because it's too dangerous and you are concerned about his safety. You tell him he cannot stop at a convenience store to buy a pack of cigarettes, because it might get robbed while he is in there, because you are "concerned" about his safety. You tell him he can't make a misdemeanor arrest via an NTA, without 5 other agents present, because you are concerned for his safety. I'm touched. Pretty soon, he shuts down, because he isn't allowed to do what he has been trained to do. You have pretty much told him that you have no faith in him and that he doesn't have the ability to handle himself, or his peers. You guys don't get it! We are cops; type A personalities. You have taken the ability to self initiate activity, in the field, away from him. That's who he is!! Don't cha get it? Ops plans are a good thing, but you guys have taken it too far. Why? Because you do not have faith in us, or yourselves! You keep telling us we are sorry! Enough, already!

    Now you threaten us with a new moderator. You are trying to stop the conversations about our feelings about you. We do this because we cannot stand in front of you and speak our emotions. You have proven, by way of your new moderator, that you will terminate people if they question you. Just because you have the title, doesn't mean you are right!!! You are not from here; you do not know our job! We would love to see the stats. I bet that the self initiated cases have plummeted.

    Oh, and Mr Moderator...really? Put our real name on here? Guess you are trying to bait some poor rookie into doing just that. If you guys were real men, you could create a panel of agents and inspectors to meet with you, just for the purpose of constructive criticism. Remember, you guys really don't know sh*t about the job we do, in the field, but you come here from the outside and tell us how it's gonna be. Your way, or the highway. Don't you get that every dipsh*t new chief, director secretary does the same thing? You ain't special. You act like we ain't never heard this line before. Get over your egos, fellas (and ladies). Usually, you guys are long gone, by now, and the agency regroups and carries on it's mission, without you! In this day, you leeches have hung on longer than normal, thereby creating an anomaly. It gets more ridiculous, with every passing day. Why? Because you guys have egos!! That's it! Period! Funny thing, it really doesn't matter. It really doesn't. We have our lives with our families; their support, their love. What matters is that we show up for work and give an honest day's work for an honest day's pay (ok, sh*tty pay). A job is something we do to pay the bills, to buy our kids cars, to send them to school, take them to Disney, build memories, to spoil them. (I would hate to have been any one of yours' child).

    You guys should be striving to have your subordinates wake up in the morning and WANT to come to work, FOR YOU! That should be your goal. You cannot do that by giving away gift cards, cheeseburgers, cheer wine, clothes, sports tickets, ice cream, cake, cupcakes....(Jesus Christ, have I left anything out?) Instead, this Vicky Cutcliffe mentality showed up and has poisoned the command staff! She cussed everyone and constantly threatened people with their job; told everybody they sucked. Now, the ENTIRE command staff has that same attitude. Cutcliffe lives

    Damn, I'm tired. Mr. Moderator, the civil process is a 2 way street. Be mindful of your BS threats, because you, personally, can be held accountable, as well. In todays age of an abundance of attorneys, I am confident that there are several that would take a case of workplace harassment, threats, hostility, bla bla bla. You dumba**!

    Y'all enjoy your weekend with your families and don't let these idiots enter your mind, 'til Monday morning.

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    That was a very well written post. A little long perhaps when you consider that he/she failed to tell you to blow it out your ass. Just saying.

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