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If you have read this Shootdr's remarks to others at the Manatee, Pinellas and Polk PD websites - you will quickly see why this MC group would be a bad choice. He appears to be nasty and dictatorial. Also this group is a 3 patch club and they do not allow motorcycles such as Honda's, Yamaha's etc. A Women LEO is not eligible to join although they share our blood loss every day in the field and they don't allow membership in other LE Clubs. What kind of an outlaw wanabe are these people. In fact, where do they come from - has anyone ever heard of them in Florida.
Finally theres an organiztion for just white cops that does not allow slit tails, negroes and gay cops who ride rice burners. The untouchables is a law enforcement club that only allows real cops and not token quota members that agencies are mandated to hire.