Hello Rochester and Monroe County
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    Hello Rochester and Monroe County

    Hey, don't you folks communicate up there???

    Hello from sunny Florida!!

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    Re: Hello Rochester and Monroe County

    whats up

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    Re: Hello Rochester and Monroe County

    Why wait? I just love the hiring process in Rochester and New York.
    Civil Service is out of dated and is wrong. They don't hire the best and they protect the jerks
    The process is take the civil service for Police Officer. If you score high enough 2-3 years from now you may get a call to go to the next level of testing. Can you afford to wait around 2-3 years, on a call, if they call you. Or now they are on a hiring freeze. You just wasted 2-3 waiting on a call that never came.
    After you take the so called Civil Service test, start looking out of state. There are many and many opportunities out of state. The areas around Baltimore, Charlotte, Orlando, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood, Jacksonville, Charlestown, West Palm Beach are always hiring.
    If you want to be a cop, go be one, get the experience. If you do get a call from a NY department then you decided if you want to come back. Maybe you won't.
    There are many guys who I went to MCC with who left the area and never looked back.
    They are now top ranking officer in many out of state departments.
    Most departments out of state do not have a civil service test, they hire on education and experience . Not who ever scores the highest gets the job. No companies hires like that.
    Why should police department? It is wrong and dangerous
    They maybe good test takers, but being a good test taker does not mean you will be a good street smart cop. All the best stay safe


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