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    Lightbulb Congratulations Jim Previtera

    Congratulations to former USSS Agent Jim Previtera, recently promoted to Colonel at the Hillsborough County (Tampa, Florida) Sheriff's Office, on having his photo and story appear on the front page of the Tampa Tribune.

    Jim's background includes having been a deputy sheriff in Pinellas County (St. Petersburg) Florida and various assignments in the Secret Service. He was hired by Sheriff David Gee to be the civilian who headed up the Sheriff's Office Training Division, but the position was soon converted to a sworn position and Jim was given the rank of Major.

    His innovations and progressive leadership in Training raised morale throughout the agency as the training given was perceived to be more relevant to the actual activities of a deputy than had previously been the case.

    With the retirement of Colonel David Parrish, nationally recognized for his effective leadership over one of the nation's most modern and well organized county jail systems, Jim was promoted to fill that position.

    Colonel Previtera sought, evaluated and implemented a number of innovations that were suggested by Detention Deputies and a jail study panel which had recently completed a study of a use of force issue in the jail. Among them was a cost saving measure that has already resulted in a savings of almost $60,000 a month in electrical costs. The policy change also gave more autonomy to the Deputies in the Housing Unit Pods, which should provide a morale boost for them.

    The newspaper article mentioned the fact that Jim is a former Secret Service agent, reflecting well on all of us.

    Congratulations, Jim.

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    Re: Congratulations Jim Previtera

    Congratulations Jim and thanks for all your help and assistance in the past re: statewide firearms qualifications.

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    I found this old topic and it just goes to show how much things can change. Remember back when Previtera was hired by HCSO and he was well touted. Normally there would have been a lot of speculation on why he left a federal job with the Secret Service after serving only 7 years. My, how quickly things change and this guy has destroyed the lives and careers of many people in his wake. Do those at HCSO care that he is leaving? Absolutely! It calls for a celebration!!! I feel sorry for St. Pete PD who is now getting him, although they are already pretty screwed up. Perhaps it will be a marriage made in heaven.

    Watch, as many LEOs will start coming forward with horror stories of having had to work with him and why he was given so much free reign I have no idea. One thing is certain, professional courtesy (undeserving) from others has allowed him to keep his job over the years. Those demons might be his downfall yet...


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