City of Lake Worth District 2 Commissioner
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    City of Lake Worth District 2 Commissioner

    I came across the letter sent by Commissioner Jennings to a San Diego newspaper. For a person who claims to support police, she surely attacked US Border Patrol Agents. This is clearly a one sided position and I admire all the Lake Worth Police Officers who have tenaciously held back their opinions when confronted by Ms. Jennings. It is obvious; Jennings needs to be voted out. She makes false allegations against Law Enforcement like the article posted below, and the protestors at 20-Mile Bend, then when she is sitting in the same room with law enforcement she suddenly support us. Funny, she admits to attending funerals for gang members, yet South Florida has lost several law enforcement officers and I never saw Ms. Jennings at any Police Officer’s funeral. Sounds like a hypocrite to me.

    The Article written by Ms. Jennings

    Wednesday Nov 14th, 2007 6:11 PM

    "As an elected City Commissioner in the State of Florida, I attended the No Borders Camp in Calexico California last week to learn more about the issues facing border communities and to see for myself the point of entry for many immigrants who eventually make their way to my city - Lake Worth, Florida. Upon arriving at camp I was invited to meet with U.S. Border Patrol District Commander Mr. Villareal who assured us that he supported our constitutional rights, had no interest in attacking the campers and would maintain open dialogue to ensure the safety of both the campers and border patrol agents. For five days we camped without incident under the watchful eye of the border patrol; campers on both sides of the border wall held workshops and cultural events focused on the impacts of immigration.

    After a week of camping along the border wall, I was shocked by the actions of the Border Patrol on November 11 when they violenty attacked demonstraters holding a peaceful protest near the U.S. port of entry. I personally witnessed border agents beat, tackle and shoot pepper spray bullets at demonstrators who were following the directives of the agents to move back. As we tried to calmly disperse, the man walking next to me was shot multiple times in the chest by an agent standing only 10 feet away. A young man also trying to disperse along the sidewalk had his head bashed into the concrete wall, he fell to the ground in pain. While being forcefully detained, batons and guns pointed towards me, pepper spray burning my eyes, I reflected upon my conversation with Mr. Villareal and wondered what happened to his end of our agreement and our shared to desire to protect civil liberties.

    Is this the mission of the border patrol; to brutalize any person who disagrees with the federal governments outdated, in-humane immigration policies? If this is the way Border Patrol agents treat law abiding U.S. Citizens, what type of violence do they inflict upon undocumented immigrants? Now that I have experienced the cruelty of the Border Patrol I realize the journey from Calexico to Lake Worth has an added danger unknown to many tax payers - the unregulated aggression of border patrol agents."

    Cara Jennings Commissioner
    District 2
    City of Lake Worth

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    Re: City of Lake Worth District 2 Commissioner

    Stay tuned. She may be in the process of going after a veteran cop with a spotless record that will not back down. She is picking the wrong one to try and bully. He also has the potential to run against her in the next election, retire and take the job even though it is a severe pay cut. It is about principle to him not money. Does he have any supporters?


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