Well, let's here it!
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    Well, let's here it!

    Who is getting cut and by how much?

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    The positions in the DARE program are gone... However, no other SRO positions were eliminated. After a year like this past one, IMO there'll be no cuts this next year and in our favor, it's an election year for the boss.

    By the way, how many folks are going to FASRO?

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    No cuts here yet, but we are on the edge or our seats waiting....especcially since Sarasota just cut their elementary school SRO's it's becoming more like a real threat.
    and some of us are going to FASRO but not all due to having to pay for our own rooms or driving back and forth... I can't wait.. what a great conference!

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    Having to pay for gas and a room?? That sucks, but that's what we'd have had to do last year when the budget dried up. This year is different as we'll get to go on the office's dime. While working patrol, I always wondered what they did with the money and cars I seized. I guess I'll get the chance to spend some of it this year.


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